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we are datamaticians

The Computer Song

We are Datamaticians, and yes we got a plan,
To have our data systems deployed throughout the land:
In schools and clubs, in banks and pubs, in parliament as well -
We even have a system that can program hell!

Verse 1
Good day my lords and ladies, I’ll introduce myself:
I am the great protector of this nation and its health.
With science and technology I solve the countries woes,
And set a fine example for its friends and foes.

Verse 2
You may think this is silly, but I have lots of proof,
’ve even got some software that can pull a baby’s tooth,
And kids don’t have to study for I’ve solved their homework plight,
They just download a program that can read and write.

Chorus →

Verse 3
You never have to worry; you'll never have to work:
While thousands remain jobless one computer does their work.
You’ll never have to leave you home for food, come rain or shine,
And when you want romance you just can date on-line.

Verse 4
In C++ and Java, of course a little C,
To build the ideal system, they’re good enough for me.
I'll hack and crack, and kick and whack to have my coding work,
And have a lot of backups when it goes berserk.

Chorus →

Verse 5
I knew a bloke called Billy, a troubled man indeed,
From pain and strife and worry, my system had him freed.
Now every time he suffers, sins or ends up in the lurch,
He emails his confessions to an on-line church.

Verse 6 And yes my dear it’s progress, the way the world will go:
No horse and cart, no book and pen, just information flow.
For all you ever need in life just login and then surf.
Computers do it all, we don’t need human birth!

Chorus →


la glace - complements that special dish we’ve come to know as cake!

In life it is the uniform that wears the heart’s desire;
It mirrors our intent, it shows to what our minds aspire. 
And this was clearly seen when Inspiration wore Her treat: 
A little girl did dressed up as the thing she loved to eat!

‘Twas cake she loved; all pastries, fluffed or sponged in quality,
Or sweet and tender, soft and round - for this she longed to be.
With silk and ribbon, bells and rings, sewn with a subtle sense,
She tailored clothes so one could see the Gâteau's influence.

The place that fed her influence was found in Copenhagen
- Not Paris or Vienna where she would not go for bacon.
And daily she would take her chair, and she felt most at home
Just sitting in among the cake, she never felt alone.

Now, I love football, and I’ll dress to match my favourite team;
To score a goal in red and blue has been my childhood dream.
Well, this dear child just for the sake of cake, it ruled her soul,
Would get her kicks from dressing as a bun, this was her goal.

Sweet marzipan, strawberries, cream and chocolate made to whirl,
She’d imitate with fairy feathers in her golden curls,
While on her vesture, colours rare her love would c’ordinate
To complement that special dish we’ve come to know as cake!

Eat inside a special place;
Served with tea but more with grace:
Cakes and pastries at La Glace!



Conditori La Glace
Skoubogade 3
1158 Copenhagen K



writing stuff

The moon hangs in darkness but only on its darker side;

The side not seen by sun or dark of day night when dreams are shone into,

And glistening mists are warmed upon a heath where insects crawl on blade of grass,

Bats sporadically flutter, 

And birds sleep comfortably in the house of the world...



String of biscuits